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My concept for WordPress Blocks

There are no best practices for custom blocks in the new WordPress Block Editor yet and we are currently in a first phase of experimentation. Technical possibilities have to be explored step by step in order to find the best concept for WordPress blocks.

In the development of GT Blocks I am currently following some basic rules and considerations which in my opinion improve the quality and sustainability of my blocks and are aimed at the target group of GermanThemes.

I would like to briefly introduce my basic ideas and concept for WordPress Blocks.

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Minimum Viable Themes

My themes are based on the Lean Startup idea and I designed and implemented them as Minimum Viable Product (MVP). As a result I created five Minimum Viable Themes with a clear concept to start this new theme shop.

In this article I would like to briefly explain the term MVP and what concrete effects the method had on the features and design of our WordPress themes, including the advantages of this approach.

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