GT WordPress Blocks

GT Image Card

The GT Image Card Block allows you to display an image plus content in a two-column layout.

GT Columns

With the GT Columns Block you can quickly and flexibly create your own layout with multiple columns.

GT Hero Image

Create a prominent header with large images, eye-catching headlines and call-to-action buttons.

GT Portfolio

The GT Portfolio Block presents your projects and services in a multi-column grid and can be used in a variety of ways.

GT Features

With the GT Features Block you present your services, products or skills in a practical grid layout including stunning icons.

GT Section

The GT Section Block allows you to combine any blocks in a container and divide your pages into different sections.

GT Grid Layout

With the GT Grid Layout Block you can insert any child blocks and display them in a flexible grid.

GT Multiple Buttons

GT Multiple Buttons is a container block with which you can display several buttons in one line.

GT Icon

The GT Icon Block with our innovative Icon Picker allows you to easily insert an SVG icon in the WordPress Block Editor.

GT Heading

The GT Heading Block is an extended block for headings and offers slightly more options than the default block of WordPress.

GT Button

With the GT Button Block you can insert a single button into your pages and design as you like it.

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