All themes are now available for free

The development of WordPress is progressing and more and more block features are being realized. Soon completely block-based themes will be possible. With WordPress 5.8 some features are already coming, at the latest with 5.9 and the navigation block complete websites with blocks will be possible.

For this reason, we will no longer publish new classic themes with PHP templates, but from now on fully rely on Full Site Editing and Block Themes. The goal is to become a pioneer in block themes and use the latest features of Gutenberg.

The first designs will probably be very experimental and not very mature, because WordPress Core is only gradually providing us with the tools and many things are not yet bug-free. And from experience we know that improvements are constantly being made and Block APIs, HTML markup and CSS will change many times.

So our plan is to offer the Block themes completely free of charge for now, to reach many users and get feedback. And we don’t like to sell software in beta stage. We will put monetization with premium themes or upsell features on the back burner for now.

Consequently, the focus will be on new block themes and less on our existing themes. That’s why we have now made them available completely free of charge. These themes are fully functional and will probably be for a very long time. The templates will of course continue to be updated, developed and supported by us. Just free for the WordPress community 🙂