New: Block Styles for Button Blocks

This week we released a minor update for all our themes, which is adding additional Block Styles for the default Button blocks from WordPress Core. By using the new Block Styles you are able to display buttons in different sizes easily.

The default blocks in the WordPress Core now offer a number of design options and are constantly being improved. Nevertheless, I personally often miss settings, including the possibility to insert buttons in different sizes.

As a theme developer it is good to first check if the Gutenberg project is already working on a desired feature. For example, I’m also missing an option for inner spacing of group blocks and setting the font size for headlines. But both features are being worked on and should be realized with WordPress 5.5. It makes little sense to add block styles for this.

Using Block Styles for Button Blocks

The situation is completely different with buttons. There are first suggestions for this, but it is not actively worked on an option for the button size. For this reason, our themes now offer additional styles with which you can change the size of the buttons.


You will find the styles in the Buttons block, i.e. in the parent block, which allows you to display multiple buttons. The individual button blocks then continue to offer the Core styles for Filled and Outline buttons.

With this implementation it is possible to combine the styles for the size and the styles for single buttons. Right now you can only select one style for a block, not multiple ones.