Free WordPress Theme released

I used the quiet summer months to publish a new and free WordPress theme called GT Ambition. It is the first theme we offer completely free, including all features without any upsell features or Pro version.

Now everyone can quickly and easily try out our themes and create their own business website – even with a small budget.

The theme itself has been available on our website for some time, but is unfortunately still stuck in the review process of It will take some time until it will be available there, too.


GT Blocks now available on

In addition to the theme, I decided to publish all blocks not only on Github, but also on GT Blocks can now be used for free and updated directly from WordPress.

GT Blocks:

This decision is part of a small pivot, i.e. the adaptation of our business strategy.

Instead of just supporting our own GT blocks, I want to open the themes and add support for the big block collections like CoBlocks and Atomic Blocks. This should make the designs more flexible and independent.

In the end the focus should be a little more on the theme level and especially on block templates – i.e. the composition of blocks into a layout.

Stay tuned 🙂