Two new Blocks released

Our GT Blocks plugin has got some updates for a better usability and two new blocks. These are now available in version 1.1 of GT Blocks.

GT Columns

For the creation of more complex pages, multi-column layouts are a must when designing your own website. After we already had some blocks with grid layouts in our collection, now the GT Columns block is added.

With the new GT Columns Blocks, column layouts with flexible column widths can be created, i.e. the columns no longer follow a fixed grid as with grid blocks. There are a number of predefined column layouts to choose from.

GT Columns Block

Of course, the columns are responsive and automatically adapt to smaller screens such as mobile devices and tablets.

GT Image Card

The second new block is GT Image Card. The block is suitable for a creative representation of image plus text, one of the most common page elements of a website.

In the layout settings, you can set the content width, vertical alignment, and the spacing between image and content. You can also overlap image and content and flexibly configure the colors for the content box and background.

GT Image Card Block

In total, the collection has grown to 11 blocks. This means that about half of the originally planned blocks have been implemented. I’m also planning a kind of template builder with which block templates and entire page layouts can be inserted with a single click.

So as always – Stay tuned!