Starting a new adventure…

Welcome to GermanThemes, my brand new theme shop for Business WordPress Themes and flexible Gutenberg Blocks for the new WordPress Editor.

With GermanThemes a new adventure begins for me. It starts from scratch, with new products, a new target group and a new business model. Success or failure is still in the stars and uncertain, even though I hope for the best.

Shaping the future of WordPress

I believe that the WordPress ecosystem will undergo a profound transformation in the coming years. The new Gutenberg blocks will gradually be extended to all areas of a WordPress website, which will have fundamental implications for WordPress Themes and Page Builder plugins.

At the moment we are in the first hot phase. Many developers are already experimenting with Gutenberg and almost every day new blocks and tools pop up. The immense potential of Gutenberg can already be seen.

I would like to actively participate and shape this development. Not only with GermanThemes, but also with my first Theme Shop. The transformation to blocks will take a long time and won’t happen overnight, but it’s worth it.

Usability as a mission

Despite all the innovations, my work should continue to bear my signature. My focus has always been the development of simple, modern and reliable WordPress Themes with great usability and uncomplicated options.

My goal are functional, GDPR-compliant and accessible products, without overloaded features and complex options. This is not always possible, but the continuous improvement of my software is my biggest motivation.

This universal focus should also characterize GermanThemes.